Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Smartphone is Good But Genius Phones are Better

Nowadays, a phone should not only be smart but it should GENIUS! So, what really makes a smartphone a genius phone?
A genius phone should be always on the go. We cannot imagine what life would be without internet nowadays. A genius phone should always be internet or WiFi ready and all the important applications that are very useful these days. Especially email applications such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and etc!

I think LG Optimus Black is sexy! It has the most attractive appearance and it has also one of the world’s best screen displayed called Nova.  It will be pretty easy and an amazing experience to browse the web, read/write emails and write documents because of its amazing touchscreen which is fast and easy to control! What really makes me excited about this one is the Gingerbread upgrade capability and the 2 MP front facing camera which I can use for high quality video chat which will be most useful for me as I really like to video chat to my friend and relatives from far places and I can also use it for video conferencing with my big bosses!  For sure, I will also love the long battery life which is 1500mAh.

What I have been really dreaming to have is the LG Optimus 2X. I think it has all the qualities to be called as a genius phone. It has a dual-core processor which can be very useful for a multitasker like me. Yes! LG Optimus 2X let us multitask without ever getting bogged down.

The 8.0 Mpx camera is what I really love about this phone. You can surely get the perfect photo you have been looking for. Yes, probably just like using a DSLR camera. The integrated LED flash is very bright. This is what I really like about this. I like taking pics of myself and the places where I will go, so it is pretty useful for me.
I know it will always just a dream to own a genius phone like this. But still, I’m hoping! Who knows? These phones will surely give me the convenience I’ve been looking for. 

Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit lgoptimus.ph for more information! comments


Ima Vee said...

astig...waaah... gusto ko rin niyan... pag dako nako, mupalit ko ana...LOL

papaleng said...

maganda nga, pero ala talaga akong hilig sa mga cell phones. Would you beleive hindi pa ako nakakagamit ng cell phone..

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