Monday, May 30, 2011

Confessions Of An Imperfect Daughter and Sister

Hi. My name is Marie. Eldest among 7, online worker and an aspiring writer.

But more than all of these, I am an imperfect daughter and sister:
  • I used to spend my whole day in front of the computer.
  • When my parents are in an argument, I can't help myself but to yell at them then cry.
  • Sometimes I use harsh words to my siblings.
  • I yell at them when I am busy and in rush for some things.
  • When my parents are away, I sometimes forget to feed my siblings their meals and give their vitamins.
  • I cry for useless things.
  • When I wake up in the morning. I straightly open my computer and I didn't even fold my blanket. 
  • I'm a terrible speech-maker and party-planner.
  • I misplace stuffs a lot. I easily forget where did I put my stuffs and forget what will I say.
  • Sometimes, when I get so lazy, I forgot to brush my teeth and wash my face before sleeping. I wonder my little sister still love to sleep beside me. 
  • I just recently like to wear sleeveless tops and shorts short.
Through it all, though, I am happy to report that, by God's ability to fill in our imperfections, my siblings still love me and they obey me, and (of this I am sure) they know that I love them. For me, this is what counts the most.

As for my parents, I hope they know, too, that I love them, even though I'm not like those sweet daughters. I hope they know it! comments


papaleng said...

You are too honest to say those things. Cheer up, There is always room for change, All you have to do is too ask Him for wisadom and be diligent to do your part.

Christ4Thailand said...

Psst..nag-eemote ka na naman ba?
don't worry God sees everything in US no matter how impoerfect we may be..HIS LOVE is sufficient to make us perfect in HIS sight :)

Miss `Chievous said...

okay lang yan, eds. :) That's who we are eh, but changing for the better is always welcome. Ang dami mo palang kapatid. Ako nag iisa lang. Ok nga yan, damayan. hehe

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