Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Girls Around The World

My Girls. (click the picture to view original size)
These are my girls all over the world. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm so lucky to meet each of them thoroughly! Not yet in personal, but atleast I have talked to them in some various ways.. Like SKYPE, MSN, TWITTER and FACEBOOK!

This girls are truly amazing and I'm truly blessed I have met them. One day, I know I will see them... My friends here ignores me, but them... they always makes me feel I am special, which I really appreciate the most! They didn't hesitate to listen to my problems, which I know are so annoying but still they do listen and give me advices and show me their love!

Oh! Tell me how lucky I am? I may not be rich in money, material things, jewelries and whatever.. but I am blessed and is very rich with the friendship I had with them! comments


Anonymous said...

OMG! Marie... thats really sweet. I almost started crying while reading that :*
Because real friends never back down and never forget about each other!Thank you for being my friend too, because i can always talk to you <3
It is really important!
THANK YOU! ~nadia

papaleng said...

Ang daya mo, wala ako sa list..

Oksa said...

Aww dear..
I love u and I'm your friend.. Don't forget!!!

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