Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Life Is About Learning to Dance in the Rain by FindYourSearch

Life Is About Learning to Dance in the Rain, a photo by FindYourSearch on Flickr.

If there's one lesson we young adults ought to learn, it should be MATURITY:

  • maturity in loving;
  • maturity not to be bitter when things do not work out;
  • maturity to understand that life could be unfair;
  • maturity not to make things worse;
  • maturity to realize that there are things we can't change and;
  • maturity to accept them gracefully even if it does hurt the most.


Christ4Thailand said...

nagmatured na ka di-ay...tsk..tsk..di ka na bunso di-ay :)

nice one

Patricia ♥ Ashika said...


sapul sa noo.

followed you through Google Friend Connect

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