Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pursuit of HAPPyNESS

This movie made me realize that out of millions and billions of population in the whole world, I am still lucky that I am living in a house with my family, eating three times a day and just sit here in front of my computer after school.

At the end of this movie, I cried BIG time. After all Chris' (Will Smith) hardworks and sacrifices he finally get the job that he wanted not only for himself but for his son also. Very touching movie!

In my own views, the message of this movie is that life is hard at times, but if you would just exert enough effort, show dedication and determination of you what you are doing and aiming, despite all, you can get it!

I believe so! I've been watching this kind of me since last week.Why? It is because I wanted to cry and I just need some outlet to let go of my emotions. And this kind of movies are perfect!

The creator, writer, director and staffs of this movie are amazing.. They are brilliant on coming up with this idea which I know many people can relate. Especially those who are homeless and jobless.. Aim high, dream big and work extra hard.. God will probably hear your prayers! ♥

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papaleng said...

I have seen that movie a couple of times. Touching talaga at very motivational.

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