Monday, August 8, 2011

Are You A Good Influence?

 Just wanted to share a message from a good friend of mine which we will call VEY! :)
 He is nice, kind, sweet, understanding and a very God-fearing person. Whenever I'm done, I just message him and he will reply right away even if he's working. He always give me messages with word of God which I really appreciate the most.

For me, he is such a good influence. Because of him, I started to feel closer to God and open my mind to the possibilities of life. He also thought me to be happy and just smile to every problems I have. (Which I am still trying to learn.)



papaleng said...

You're blessed to have a friend like Vey, ako kaya good influence. sabi yan ng mga anak ko..

Christ4Thailand said... good influence...pwede spellng na lang...can call a friend?

kidding aside...that's great eds...these kinds of individuals are rare these days..kaya treasure them..God bless :)

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