Thursday, August 11, 2011

GoDaddy Contact Support: I'm Impressed!

I had some problems last night while installing a site. I bought the domain and hosting plan in GoDaddy. I don't usually buy domain and hosting myself because someone (my boss) is the one who always buy domain and hosting plans for my clients and I will just be the one who will build the site.. Last night, I have no choice but to buy it myself since my boss is away!
Anyway, I have tried doing these stuffs before, of course!

So, I bought the domain and hosting plans ad then I'm ready to install the site.. Then, when all is done I refresh the page and it always says DNS errors. That's then I realize I should have wait for my boss.

So, I contacted the contact support of GoDaddy because I want to cancel all my purchase and request for a refund. After few minutes, I receive a response from their team and give me instructions on how to cancel the items and after it they just ask for call-in PIN and I give it ASAP.. So this morning, I saw their email about the refund and when I logged-in on my PayPal account, I saw my money back!

I'm just so impressed of GoDaddy's contact support. They're very fast on taking actions. I sure will purchase there again when I build another site I'm planning!

(Good thing the site I was creating for my client is finally solve and done! Thank God!) comments


Culprit Pontiff said...

I also want to buy a domain. you had a hard time fixing it? so am I in the near future. did you just bought it from blogger's link?

Miss `Chievous said...

Really? Glad to hear that. :) ANd good luck to your future site! You're working online as a VA?

Anonymous said...

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