Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Best Cousin

You are my favorite cousin in the whole wide world,
So remember this when you feel like your whole life has unfurled:

I will love you no matter what,
So always remember to follow your gut.

Don't let other people influence you,
On the things that you think you should truly do.

I'll always be here for you through thick and thin,
No matter what whether you lose or win.

You have helped me through things as I have helped you,
So I know our friendship is nothing but true.

I will help you with anything that I possibly can,
Always remember you are the man!

Thanks for everything that you have done,
Cause when we are together we always have fun.

Don't sweat the small stuff,
Or it will only make things more tough.

And always remember when everything is all said and through,
No one in the world is better than you! 



papaleng said...

Wonderful thoughts for a dear cousin. I like how you construct your piece.

Christ4Thailand said...

pogi cousin mo ah..nice :)

sexy KM said...

nice poem ! :)

mtrguanlao said...

Nice pic,hehe!

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