Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'll Be On My Way Soon

Just read an amazing and very inspirational post of sexy KM in her blog which entitled A SIX-YEAR GLIMPSE INTO MY PAST. She's such a strong woman. Read it so you'll know why I have said it!

After reading it, I have thought that just like her I need to left my family soon to give them a nice and comfortable life. I need to work hard for them. I have lots of plans in my mind but I know the future is very unpredictable. But I know, I can make it through.

Honestly, I am afraid to be independent, afraid to be alone. But I need to take that risk just to prove to myself that I am strong like sexy KM. I'm quiet nervous but I am also excited to open new doors in my life soon. comments


papaleng said...

Thanks Eds, for reading my daughter's kakaiyak na post. Very inspiring Indeed.

sexy KM said...

hi marie,

thank you for sharing this in your blog :) i really appreciate. don't be afraid to pursue your dreams. if you commit your plans to the Lord, He will make you succeed.

thanks again for taking time to read and share my blog.

God bless,


Brewed Coffee said...

Eds, sometimes we all have to leave our comfort zones...look at it as part of your life training :-)

Btw, thanks dun sa fave links mo, your blog appears sa stats ko ng referring sites :-)

mtrguanlao said...

The Lord will always lead a way to everything bunso just have faith in Him.

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