Friday, August 19, 2011

Rocking a Cocktail Dress?!

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I'm so not into dresses and I am more into shorts, tees, and jeans. But I guess I need to change it. I have been invited to some formal parties nowadays and I need to wear a formal dress or a cocktail dress. I really don't know how will I look like and I also need to practice myself walking in heels. Good luck to me!

I am praying that somehow these kind of dresses will suit on me. Inside of me saying that these dresses are really pretty and I should rock it. I am actually excited yet nervous when I will wear my cocktail dress!

To the girls, do you have any suggestions? I mean can you guys send me a sample pic of the dress that you think will suit on me? Anyway, you can email me all in my email address found in the right side above! Please do send me some pics/samples, would really appreciate it very very much!


papaleng said...

post ka ng pics mo sa cocktail dress.

KM said...

Whatever dress you would decide to wear, make sure that you're comfortable in it, especially that you're not used to wearing one. Choose a dress that is appropriate for the occasion (not overdressed or under dressed). There are a lot of styles out there to choose from. Factors to consider when choosing style and color are your height, body shape/built, skin complexion. Black maybe boring but you can never go wrong with that color (unless of course the event particularly says that BLACK is not allowed - as some do). If you go for a plain-colored dress, you can always accessorize with belt, jewelries (necklace, etc.), and clutch bag. For shoes, you can choose between pumps and sandals - heels are a necessity ;)

And always remember, be confident!

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