Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quotes Addict

Some of you may know that I am really addicted in reading quotes. Why? I don't know. Whenever I am down or sad for something I just look for quotes.. It makes inspired somehow.. It makes me happy.
Well, while reading quotes.. I am praying to God to get all the sorrow and sadness I feel. Guess what? It's effective..

So yea, I am addicted to quotes and because of that, me and my friend TheSupraMan thought of creating a twitter page for quotes. Its actually a fanpage for BretZie but the admins has been busy of their personal life including me. Since I am the one who created it in the first place, I've decided to change it to a quotes page!

So, it is now LifeQuotesTM. If you guys have twitter, please follow us for some inspirational quotes. We just hope we will inspire you by our quotes as much as we are! :) comments
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