Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Through The Years

As I am browsing my photos in Facebook, I can't believe I'm almost 18 and the last 17 years was like a roller coaster ride for me. Many changes has happened and I'm proud of myself I did pass all of 'em and through the years here I am, standing still. As the sayings goes;
"Experience is the best teacher."
I guess its true. I've learned a lot of things from it. I admit, I've regret some things that happened to me in the past but I've realized that those are the things that made me who I am today and I should be thankful. 
Through the years, I stand still.
  So, I'm kinda bored.. I will just add more photos of me from the past years. I would understand if you won't take a look in it. I even don't want to.. Its not a nice view, but still I'm sharing it! :) So, let's get started. 
 Here it goes:

I edited this photo way way back 2009. 
Its the first time I wear makeup. Its our Acquaintance Party in high school.
Skipping class. We're in the house of my classmate. :P
After our High School Graduation.
2011; got a straighter hair.
Mid of 2011, hair getting a little curly and yes, gaining some weight too.
Trying to be pretty. :D
Just smile.
Trying a jacket in a fitting room. :D
Me with cousins. That's me in the middle. Yes, that's what I look like today.
Changes happens. Either good or bad, we should all be thankful for that. I can't believe how I transform from the past few years. From naive to not so naive. Thank God for that. :)

This is the song of my life:

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imriz said...

geez! i sooo missed my youth:)
always stay pretty and bubbly, girl. How i wished my 18 year old daughter would write the way u do:)

KM said...

congrats, marie. isa ka ding survivor :D brace yourself for more to come ;)

AKP said...

Cool... And those pics are very good. :)

And the quote you written is quite true.

joyfulmom said...

Life sure is pass us by so quick...kaya enjoy evey moment of it. visiting you from family time

guimo said...

Napaka-nostalgic na man nito, Edss... Great pics to match rin..

Eileen Leacock said...

You have so much farther to go. Good luck on your journey through life.

Visiting from Edwards Granddaughter

Party Of Four said...

Aww, congrats on reaching (almost) your 18th birthday! You seem to have turned out pretty good. :) Happy Thankful Thursday! I wrote one too. :)

wifetoalineman02 said...

awww you are bubbly Sis, looks like you are fun to be with, thank you for sharing the pictures, visting for WW, thank you for the visit too

Misty said...

Great thankful Thursday post.. Happy 18th when it arrives. Blessings.

Rubz said...

that is very place like home and family is always a family..following this blog...thanks for sharing this lovely pixs..

Lainy said...

Congratulations Marie for passing the tests of life with flying colors! You're a pretty young woman and I am sure whatever trials that may come along your way, you're going to survive another 18 years of it.

BTW, keep writing. I wish I learned how to blog when I was like your age.

Thanks for swinging by at

See yah!

Whidbey Woman said...

You have a great attitude. God bless your heart!

Rcel said...

Yes, change does happens! But its the changes for the better that are always pleasant to look back to. Congrats on the wonderful journey you've taken!

Late WW visit! Hope you can stop by mine, too, if you get a chance!
Whites at UWSP
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Punch Bowl Set
Wintry, Brrrrr

Profile said...

Beautiful.. Happy TT. Hugs, Lynn

raya said...

you look gorgeous in all of the photos, you have a pretty smile! thanks for joining WW

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