Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Versatile Blogger Awardees

Eherm! I think I am so much over to my due date to present my five most deserving Versatile Blogger Awardees. After few days and weeks of looking for the most deserving people to receive this award, I have finally found them.

And here they go...

  1.  Brewed Coffee - Sojourner's Cornerstone
  2. Macherie - Miss Macherie 
  3. Miss `Chievous - Of shmoozes, mutts and l♥ve
  4. Rachel - Don't Think Twice
  5. Candice - chandicessi | 내가제일잘나가~
 There you go people! Its now your turn to pass this award to bloggers who you think deserve this award.
And oh, please excuse me for being so humorless in announcing this. Its just I'm sick right now. I hope you guys understand..

Don't forget to link back to me when you pass this award. ^_^ comments


Miss `Chievous said...

Thanks so much, bunso! :))))

KM said...

yey !!

cheers to all versatile bloggers :D

Brewed Coffee said...

Ah eto pala yun hehehe.... :-) Thanks Eds...hala may assignment tuloy ako..eh nabanggit mo na yun 2 misses na kilala ko hehehe...Anyway, get well soon bunso and thanks again :-)

macherie said...

wow, thanks bunso! sorry for the late acknowledgement.

Galaxy Note said...

Samsung Galaxy Note you are so sweet, thank you for the award!!! i've been loving your blog ;)

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