Friday, October 28, 2011

Love is The Reason

Finally, I have finished the story I've been writing for months already. I started writing this story since mid April and wow, I finished it in October; during my sembreak. I don't know if I will submit it to the editor of Precious Hearts Romance(s) or not. I've submitted one of manuscript before entitle Blood Compact, I guess it was February this year  and I waited till March to know the result if it was okay or not. And mid in March, I received an email from them saying the story was nice and well written but the only problem was it didn't reach 23,000 to 24,000 words. That's then I kinda lost my interest on submitting my manuscripts. But then around April, I found myself writing for another manuscript and I thought I can finish it in the same month but gosh, it took almost 6 months to finish it. What takes me so long so finish? School started and schedule was kinda crazy, and some extra activities with friends too.

Well, I'm thankful I finished it. I'm still hesitant to submit it or not. I might got rejected again and I dunno how would I feel when it happens. Anyway, I published the teaser online, maybe you guys wanna read it and till me what you think. Check out the link below:

Teaser: Love is The Reason

I'll still try to submit it though and if the result is positive, I might write for more. Writing Tagalog romance stories is my interest since first year high school. I even wrote one for the collection in our school library that time and I was so happy for the positive feedbacks from my classmates, schoolmates and even teachers. 
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