Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its Rainy. No Washy!

I am laughing with the title of this post! I dunno where I get that idea but I just feel like making it as the title. Its rainy here in Bislig today since last night. Me and my whole family was kinda afraid when we heard the news that the low pressure area in Mindanao is now a typhoon and they call it Bagyong Ramon. My Mom and I made plans the other day to wash the curtains today but since its raining hard we can't wash anything.

Orange Curtain
Mom is afraid that it won't get dry if we wash it today since Mr. Sun is absent. Its been a month since we last wash that curtain pictured above.

Anyway, Thanks Ate KM of  more than sexy for giving me the instructions on how to join blog memes. So I'm giving it a try and here it goes.



Black Sheep said...

hi, visiting from Blacksheepslair. Kinda funny coz the typhoon that you are afraid of is my husband's name. :D


fitness said...

Hello edsss17,

Well I guess the sun would shine again. But at least, you still able to do your blog. I see you do have a lot of content too.

I hope the typoon does not come your way.


AKP said...

Surely its a funny title.. Hope All will be safe from that typhoon.

ms.joyce said...

super LIKE.! :)

ms.joyce said...

super LIKE.! :)

anney said...

Dito din medyo umuulan ulan na naman. Thanks for following my blog. Followed yours too and added to my blog list.

papaleng said...

Ako si Mr.Clean.. ha..ha..ha..

KM said...

congrats, marie. i'll see you in Orange Tuesdays too as i'm joining this week :)

oh, and don't forget to visit other entries :)

Mai of MaiThreeBoyz said...

Hi, Marie. It's my first time in Orange Tuesdays, too. Hope you're okay there despite the typhoon!

January said...

paghuman sa luzon dri na sad sa ato ang typhoon sis.. pero murag nipalayo na karun.. hehe

Visiting from OT. Here's mine Postcard Like Sunset ,New Convertible and Demitasse Cups. Have a Nice Day!

Lainy said...

Hi Marie! I believe it's my first time here. Welcome to the bandwagon of color mames.

Thanks for dropping off a comment at my entry at scottzprincess.net

See you around!

sHeNgKaY said...

welcome aboard marie!..
thanks for joining Orange Tuesdays..
hope to see you again 2moro..
Its fun joining Memes..you get to know some bloggers and gain traffic..

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