Monday, November 21, 2011

The Birthday Outing

Yesterday (November 20, 2011) was my younger brother's 13th birthday. In order to celebrate it, my dad decided to have a day-off from his work and we will go to the beach. We only have Pancit Palabok, Afritada and some meat that my dad grilled when we reached the beach.

The day before my brother's birthday we had a big fight that made me cry so bad. But I made a poem for him on his birthday and it serves as a peace offering. Glad it worked as I've planned. We're now back in good terms.

The birthday boy. Topless!

Here are more photos from yesterday:

My babies having fun in the seawater.
My Papa.
Father and son.
Another shot of the birthday boy.
Some guests.
My girls again.
Me and the birthday boy.
Don't talk when your mouth is full but pose.
Mom with some pals.
Not the cutest pose, eh?

Hope you like the pictures. This will be my share for:
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