Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Everbilena Cosmetics Products

First, I wanted to thank my friend who is a direct seller of Everbilena products for giving me some of her unused products for me to be able to write a review here in my blog.
I've been hearing many rumors of how nice Everbilena products are and I hope they will be fine for me too. Lots of reviews are coming soon and I'm happy and excited about it.

The first pack

 My mom who's the one receive this was shocked because there are so many products in it and all of them will be mine. All two packs of them! Tell me how lucky I am? :)

The 2nd pack.
Powder foundation and a blush on.
Mascara, eyeliner, lipsticks, foundation and pimple concealer.
Black * brown eye pencils, eyebrow razor, lip balm and eye concealer.


Lainy said...

Indeed, you're one lucky lovely missy, Marie. Buti nalang at may friend kang generous :-)

Natawa naman ako sa rumor na yan, hehe. Like you, I used to patronize EB from way back. Pero di ata ako nahiyang so I have to switch to other cosmetic lines by force.

Now I use Maybelline for my powder foundation and blush on. I am such a sucker for Maybelline cosmetics especially their watershine lipsticks. I hoarded them when I was in Malaysia kasi nag buy 1 take 1 sila. I also have Revlon Cream Eyeshadow. I wear contact lenses so I do away with powdery stuff. I have quite a lot of lipsticks from all over, LOL! Skin Food, Clinique, Maybelline and Mary Kay. The rest are Clinique items which were given to me as a gift on my birthday :-)

Remember that we need to look after ourselves after a long, hectic day. The beauty regimen we do will always show.

Oh yeah! I am from Gensan, and proudly so :-)

Love and Hugs,

Joahna Vern said...

.... I haven't tried this one yet..But I am a proud user of Ever Bilena make-ups. :)

\Thanks for visiting my blog.. :)

birth control said...

very beatiful...

Anonymous said...

I am one of the thousands users of everbilena also,aside its gud quality its very affordable snd I love it.....

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