Friday, November 11, 2011

Shopping At BeautyShop4Less

I was excited getting up in my bed this morning since I know the items I ordered from BeautyShop4Less will arrive today. The first item I ordered in BeautyShop4Less is my Body Collection Classic Makeup Compendium which I bought in her eBay store and from that very moment I keep sending her messages containing various questions like if she have a site of her own, any other products and etc. She gave me a link to her webstore and then that makes me interested so I started to browse her store and found some things that caught my eye and ordered immediately.

And this morning, I received a package from LBC and like what I expected its from BS4L.

It contains the following:
  • Royal Enhance Cosmetic Brush Pouch
  • L'OREAL Paris; Penelope Cruz Star Secrets Kit
  • REVLON ColorStay Mineral Mousse Light Medium SPF 20
  • Maybelline (New York) DEFINE-A-LINE  Eyeliner
  • and some more freebies
FREEBIES: Maybelline Products
NEW YORK COLORS Lip Gloss: Subway (L) and Carnegie Hall (R) shades.

and 2 lipsticks. I wasn't able to take a photo of the other one.

 And because of my excitement I tried the Penelope Cruz Star Secrets Kit and please excuse the unpleasant face.

ON FACE: Careline Pimple Concealer, EB Advance Perfect Eye Concealer, BC Makeup foundation and the Penelope Cruz Star Secrets Kit

I wanna thank BS4L for being so generous and giving me those freebies. I wasn't expecting that much freebies though. I was only expecting 2 or 3 freebies from her.. and it made me extremely happy to see those freebies. Looking forward for more transactions with BS4L!
Check out her webstore: Beautyshop 4 Less.


peachkins said...

nice buy!

ChrisAir said...

ang dami mong binili ah

Joeyboy said...

Just dropping by..:) Happy weekend!

Lainy said...

WOW! Ang ganda naman ng dalaga namin! :-)

Those are wonderful loots, Marie. Great choices. Uy ha. Alam ko, mahal yan :-) That's ok as long as it makes you happy :-)

Shall be awaiting for your reviews on each purchases.


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