Monday, November 7, 2011


I'm so excited to announce that I will be doing reviews in one of these days. I will be writing reviews for cosmetics, clothes, foods and also books too! Thank God I had the guts to talk to some people to be sponsor(s). And oh, probably I'll be hosting a giveaway too, I hope. I hope this will continue and this blog will be successful just like one of my weblog too that I prefer not to put the link here. Oh, don't worry you guys... Its not anything pervy or anything pornographic. I assure its child-friendly!
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I have posted a pic in my Facebook page of one of the cosmetics I'm going to give a review. I couldn't wait to try it to myself.

Thanks to the people who trust me and sponsored my blog! ♥ comments


ChrisAir said...

will be looking forward on it

Umi said...

Good luck with that project sis! :D Will definitely wait for that. :D said...

this seem sgreat news
we all love reviews and giveaways

come and say Hi
The Dolls Factory

Buy domain India said...

You have reviewed very well. Good to be here. Keep on posting.

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