Monday, November 14, 2011

Call Me "GREEDY!"

I'm really not greedy as in greedy in all ways. I'm just greedy when it comes to french fries, fried chicken and coke floats. Been working hard for a year now and just recently, I gave myself a reward and I'm so glad I did.

One thing I did is to eat and eat. Well, I usually eat especially when my Mom is around but I am not able to eat the foods I really like and those are the foods I mentioned above.

Here in Bislig City there's this new resto called KrooKroo which I am really in love with recently. They have french fries, fried chicken and coke float in a very affordable price. I sure had a good time when I was there. The ambiance is so amazing. I enjoyed the free wifi so much.

I usually go out with my Mom but this time around I made it all by myself and it was pretty fun and it feel so amazing facing my fears. I felt very strong then!

The very thing I enjoyed the most is the french fries with cheese flavor. I'm a sucker when it comes to cheeses! They also have barbeque and sour & cream flavored fries..

This will be my share for:

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