Friday, November 25, 2011

My Emotional Side

This year was a bumpy ride for me. I've been through a lot of things lately and my Twitter and Facebook friends are one of the witnesses how I am emotionally distracted from the start of this year. I, myself, can't even believe I survived all those.
Last March or April, I was diagnosed that I am clinically depressed. My friends call me extraordinary because I've got rid of it in just a short period of time. I guess it was just 3 or 4 weeks! Even my doctor can't believe it. But, I am very thankful I did survived it. Its never easy being depressed. I can't control my emotions that time. I always cry for no apparent reasons, I easily get mad and after being mad, I will cry again. My mom even suspected me being pregnant (even though I have no boyfriend at all) because of my mood swings. Thanks to my concern aunt who managed to get me checked by a doctor and found out what is behind of those mood swings.

This year tested the best of me many times. More on emotional aspects actually! I will not put more of what I've been through this year here because its really quite a long story. (Then why did I start writing this post? LOL.)

I thanked my TFD family for being there. For being a good listener, mentor, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers to me. These guys are one of the people who make me laughed so bad when I was in the middle of emotional break down.

After all the up and down ride I've been through this year, I am now taking the road to happiness, confidence and success. I'm working really hard to change myself and trying not to be depressed again. I actually avoid being alone now because, when I'm alone, negative thoughts come rushing my mind and I don't like it.

So yea, bear with me guys on my transformation. I hope I'll succeed.

Anyway, my fashion and cosmetics/make-ups in one blog is now up and running. Hoping that you guys could follow;  Marienternal Metamorphed Life.

 "Sometimes you have to take a step back and realize what's important in your life, what you can live with and what you can't live without."
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