Thursday, November 10, 2011

Careline Watermelon Lip Balm With Vit. E

From the Everbilena cosmetics products I receive from a friend, I finally had the time to try just even one item from it and I have chosen the Ever Bilena Watermelon Lip Balm with Vitamin E. I asked my friend how much this particular item cost and she told me it just 55 Pesos only.

The card of the lip balm.

Funny because I tried this lip balm at 12 in the midnight and am the only person who's up in the house. (Note: I don't have the perfect lips so I hope there would be no cruel comments.)
Anyway, here's my review of the said lip balm:

It smell so good. Smells like a real watermelon and I feel like eating it but of course I didn't. ( :
My lips feels cold when I first applied it but after a while my lips already adjusted. It actually feel so good for me. Its not that shiny too which fits me best because I'm the kind of person who don't want to get notice because of my shiny lips. I am a little too naive in this aspect but maybe in no time I'll be able to wear a red (very red) lipstick and a shiny lip balm and lip gloss too.

The Watermelon Logo
And this is how it looks like when I applied the lip balm on my lips:

Its actually not a review. I just wanna share what I did with these stuffs since its my first time. Sorry for the low quality pictures. I'm not using a PRO camera, so I hope you guys bear with me. I'm kinda hesitant posting the picture of my lips but still in the end I posted it. comments


Lainy said...

UY! I have used careline lip balm for years. It's good. Gusto ko yong strawberry kasi parang may lipstick ka na rin.

Nice lips there, Marie. Kisaable. BAka di ka pa nyan nagdedebut eh marami ng mainlab sayo ha :-)

tatess said...

mahilig ako sa lip balm kasi laging dry ang lips ko but i never tried the ever bilena yet.for 55 pesos ,the price is not bad. will check it out here.

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