Saturday, November 12, 2011

Evera Eye Pencil in Black

I'm not really a user of an eye pencil but I'm trying to give it a try. This Ever Bilena: Evera Eye Pencil is one of the Ever Bilena cosmetic products that a friend gave to me. The Evera Eye Pencil in black just cost 45 Pesos only. 

Packaging: The pencil was pretty standard looking nothing fancy or crazy. I did like that it had an indication of the color at the end which I always like because it makes findng them among the rest of your pencils so easy. The red color the pencil was painted wasn't unattractive. It's also a good size and it isn't too long to pop into an average make-up bag. Also the cap isn't too securely stuck on there but I'm not sure if this is just my pencil.

Ease of Use: I have to say that it really did impress me. The pencil has a bit more of waxy texture them as smooth and creamy one. The pencil's waxy consistency made it really good for filling in brows and the color goes both ways depending on the powder/shadow you set it with. 

Again, please excuse the image because my camera is kinda tired and it doesn't give a good quality and also excuse how I draw it on my brows. I am not that professional. 

*This short review of mine isn't paid. I write it with my own will. comments
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