Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 4 - A Picture of Your Favorite Night

One of the best nights ever! For the last time, KGB group was complete. I feel so happy that night because my group of crazy and amazing friends are complete, yet, I'm sad because it will be the last time we will be complete.

You may ask why. Well, one of the major reasons why the group won't be complete anymore (after that night) is because, I made a silly decision and, that is to leave. I thought I am going to leave somewhere far and won't be coming back but I thought wrong. My mom didn't let me. From then on, everyone of the group has been busy of their own life, love life and some has left.

During the days we were together, life seems to be so colorful and fun. It was like I'm so afraid to absent from school because I might missed a special happening. But then again, it is me who decided to leave and I regret it.

Once again, it was one of the best nights ever and kilig! Still wishing it will happen again. comments
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