Friday, November 4, 2011

Some Stuffs That I Own

2 or 3 years ago, I am just a simple girl who don't think much about cosmetics, makeups, lotions and more girlie stuffs. All I have in mind that time is to study and go to school. Oh yes, dear reader... I am a bit nerd. Just a bit! HAHA!

Just November last year, I started working online as a virtual assistant and just this year I started buying some things for myself that I don't really mind to have before. This year, I started to become conscious of what will I wear and how do I look... I will show my stuffs that I have. I don't have all the stuffs that a fabulous girl own. I just have what are the things I think are essentials and what I really need as of the moment. So here we go:

My girlie stuffs.

Here are more:

I have a natural curly, wavy and frizzy hair that's why I always have this VITRESS Hair Solutions; Instant Relax (Cuticle Coat) that makes my hair straighter, looks smooth an shiny when I apply it. It also flattens my curly, wavy hair. That's why I always have it in my pocket wherever I go. I usually bought the 20mL and it just cost 26 to 36 Pesos.

Another that is always in my bag when I go out is my Aficionado GERMANY Perfume Scent F56. This is actually my first "branded" perfume. Before, I just always got myself a cheap cologne and I'm pretty contented with it. But just recently, I decided to give myself a favor and bought this perfume and am loving its scent. So feminine! :)
Another thing that everyone must have are deodorants/roll-on! Take note, EVERYONE means everyone. Not only girls should have this but also guys. I am not telling get the same product that I have. I am sure there are also deodorants for men. You are free to choose any brand you like. I've been using Rexona since I was 14. So it has been 4 years already and am loving it. I don't feel uncomfortable, irritated and wet (underarms). I am really satisfied with Rexona. Its been 4 years and I'm still counting! :)

Avon Blue Eyeliner Duo. I am really not using this one but I display it in my cabinet! I didn't bought it myself, actually my mom gave me this 6 months ago because she really want me to be a girl, GIRL. What I means is, I am girl but I am not that girly. I don't wear dresses, wear makeups and nail polishes until recently. I wear this blue eyeliner in the first day of my college life. I feel so uncomfortable because every people that I come across with keeps staring at me. So since then, I didn't wear it again. I just display it in my cabinet.

My newest Body Collection Classic Makeup Compendium which has 17 eyeshadow colours,  1 black mascara, 1 black eyeliner pencil, 2 lip gloss, 1 pressed powder in transclucent, 1 pressed bronzing powder, 2 blusher powder, 1 face powder applicator, 2 sponge applicator, 1 blusher brush, 1 lip brush and 1 fold out mirror. Its my recent favorite. HAHA! I just realize I'm already a girly girl because I start wearing makeup when I got this and everyone in my family is surprise and happy of the changes. They really thought I am a TOMBOY but I am not. Honestly, I do like this new changes in me. I feel so GIRL!

Avon Eyeshadow Pallete. I didn't bought it myself again. Its my mom! She's really determined changing/transform me. It has only 4 bright eyeshadows and its so handy. I always have it too in my bag when I'm out or in school. I really don't use it that much because I am not into bright colors. I am more into natural but stunning look. HAHA!

Pond's White Beauty: Pinkish White Glow Lightening Facial Foam
Green Cross Isopropyl Aclcohol with Moisturizer
Ellise Carrot Beauty Soap
RDL Babyface Facial Cleanser
pHCare: Pure N' Fresh Intimate Wash
SkinWhite PowerWhitening Hand & Body Lotion with spf20
NIVEA Whitening Inner Cell Repair Cream

Am too lazy na to put some description in the last pictures! HAHA.  Hope you like the pictures! :) comments


Lainy said...

Cool stuff you got there, Marie. You have my admiration kasi focus ka sa pag-aaral mo at my sideline ka pa ha! Galing naman! Sa odesk ba yan?

MC said...

@Ate Lainy: Salamat naman ate Lainy! Hindi po sya sa oDesk, ewan! Biglaan yun eh. Napadaan lang sa blog ko tapos nag email tas hinire ako! :) Opportunity knocks na kasi kaya tinanggap ko na! :)

Salamar sa pagdaan po. ♥

KM said...

dalaga ka na hindi na bata - that's why you suddenly became conscious of your appearance and stuff like that. good for you. i'm a very late bloomer, so i didn't really start wearing make-up until three years ago - and when i said make-up, i meant face powder, blush on and lipstick/gloss. i only recently learned how to put eyeshadow and still, i rarely do, only on special occasions. perfumes/colognes? yes, i'm into those. i have a lot and i don't get to use all of them, so yung iba pinamigay ko na din, kesa masayang lang.

Miss `Chievous said...

Wow. Ang kikay mo naman, bunso. Hehehe. Never splurged on beauty products until last year, when I had a job na. Hehhee. Focus sa studies. Ok?

analou said...

here in the US very few stores only carries whitening lotion and as a matter of fact since living here for almost five years, I only see whitening lotions in the Filipino store. People here are more into getting tan.

Welcome diay sa Bisdak Blogger Group Marie.

Rovie said...

So Kikay Marie. Nagdadalaga na eh...
Those are cool stuffs...

peachkins said...

when I was your age, I don't think I have lots of kikay stuffs!

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